Best Burger review

We love a good burger at the Hathersage Social Club and have given this classic our southern French twist with the Steak Haché burger. Freshly made, we set a course grind on a lovely cut of local steak at Paul Bowyer’s butchers…how lucky are we to have such an accommodating butchers next door! It’s mixed with a special blend of seasoning that we’ve evolved in the kitchen to give the burger an extra richness and flavour…sous chef Nicola would have to kill you if she told you!

Our bakery collaborator, Irene in Grindleford specially makes us a wonderful burger bun, inspired by the look and texture of a Kaisser roll, but with her take on it.

More burger porn @ Hathersage Social Club

We’ve then been playing around with a number of different toppings. A special Wensleydale melted cheese and smoked streaky bacon is a favourite. Caramelised balsamic onions and Roquefort cheese is a sweet and salty hit. We love the spicy challenge of our Dave’s relish, based on the original insanity sauce.

Lucy and especially Lizzy, will pass on even these meaty treats for our Veggie burger alternative…Aleppo chilli infused halloumi, field mushroom with a thyme, smoked garlic and lemon butter, wilted spinach and a pesto sauce served in a focaccia bun. Yum!

We’ve had some great feedback on our burgers, but there’s some pretty stiff competition out there to be the best burger in ‘Sheffield & the Peaks’. So credit where credit is due. We think that the Kiwi Burger at Tamper and the 2nd Best Cheeseburger at Mud Crab Bar are particularly noteworthy and we’ve heard that The Harley and The Rutland Arms do a mean burger too. Lewis wouldn’t forgive us if we didn’t mention the institution that is Uncle Sam’s…he lived in there as a child!

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