The Devon is back!

Beware you waffle addicts…the Devon has made a reappearance on our waffle menu. Possibly the most delicious waffle to found in the UK!

Fresh, juicy strawberries from our supplier in Lincolnshire are now in season, so gone is the Normandy and its naughty calvados infusion. Instead we aim to tempt you with this more summer season offering…

  • One freshly cooked Liege waffle with caramelised sugar crystals (its waited for 3hrs for the dough to plump up to perfection, just to be eaten by you!)
  • A large scoop of clotted cream white ice cream, then topped with an almost chewy layer of thick clotted cream
  • Those fresh strawberries…with just a small hint of rosé port
The Devon Waffle at Hathersage Social Club
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