StrEAT at the Club – Simon’s Greek street food menu

We’ve recently launched our exciting fortnightly StrEAT nights, serving up summertime street food loveliness in our gorgeous garden. Every two weeks, we’ll be treating you to a choice of Zanzibari and Greek offerings in the Club’s unique style. Find out more about that here.

Our head chef and owner, Simon, has come up with a fantastic Greek menu that’ll be served up for you to hopefully enjoy alfresco in our garden. Simon’s menu is based around his travels around the Arcadia area of Greece, where a lot (he means A LOT) of gyros were eaten. Gyros is the original Greek street food, and here’s what else you’ll be enjoying!

The Club slow roasted Eyam lamb gyros. We’ve sourced the tenderest local lamb from Jack over at Eyam’s Highcliffe Hebrideans – read what he has to say about rearing his lamb here . It’s marinated in extra virgin olive oil, rosemary garlic and a bit of punchy butt rub spice mix, then slowly roasted with our fabulous Gaillac white wine.

Then, the glistening chunks of meat are enrobed in a soft flatbread from Abbeydale Road’s fantastic Persian bakery, Al Barakah. A satisfying crunch comes from some fresh and tangy Greek salad inside the wrap, and it’s all held together with some of our amazingly garlicky, silky tzatziki. For veggies, we’ve created some delicious spinach and feta balls to serve with all the accompaniments. Try to eat the lot without picturing yourself beside the glittering Aegean sea! Our famous cocktails and lovely Gaillac wines will be on offer for you to wash it all down with. Don’t miss out!

While we’ve got your attention, don’t forget to perfect your pronunciation of gyros with this lovely audio clip from Lucy and Simon’s friend, Vicky.

She’s the real thing! Just remember it’s a ‘soft’ g, pronounced a bit like the ‘y’ in yellow. We don’t want to hear any butchering of the word at our StrEAT evenings! Hope to see you there.

The Club x