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Vigné-Lourac – Le V – Méthode Ancestrale

The Mauzac grapes give an intensely fruity flavor with green apple, citrus notes and very slightly honeyed taste . Made by a traditional method, which it’s argued pre-dates champagne, with only natural sugars and natural yeasts used in its fermentation process. This method produces very lively dry wine with fine bubbles and low acidity. Fantastic from aperitif to pudding.



Vigné-Lourac – Sauvignon Prestige (2012)                           

A crisp refreshing dry white. Full of punchy, grassy, fresh gooseberry fruit aromas on the nose. A clean citrus fruit finish. 100% Sauvignon. Great as an apertif or with fish or white meat.

£18.50 (Glass 175ml £5, 250ml £6.50)

Domaine de Labarthe – Perlé (2012)

Perlé wine is a Gaillac speciality, a young white wine with natural ‘pearls’, tiny bubbles preserved by bottling immediately after fermentation, so it has its own natural light effervescence. Made from Mauzac, 
Sauvignon, and
Loin de L’oeil grapes, this provides a very light, dry, fruity wine – wonderful as an aperitif or with seafood, fish or on its own, especially when the sun is shining.


Vigné-Lourac – Le V Blanc Sec (2012)

100% Mauzac. Oak aged for 12 months but in older barrels that provide a more subtle oak flavour with aromas of flowers and fruits and the mellow scents of honey and nuts. A powerful, well balanced, versatile wine that works well with white or red meat, fish and cheese.


Domaine d’Escausses – La Vigne de L’Oubli (2010)

A lovely unique wine produced from a blend of Sauvignon, Mauzac and Muscadelle. Bone dry with a subtle spicy and dried fruit notes and an aromatic and floral nose with hints of exotic fruits and sweet spices. Fresh and crisp on the palate with excellent acidity leading to a lingering and nutty finish. This wine works particularly well with seafood, fish, white meat or a goat or sheep’s cheese.





Vigné-Lourac – Duras Cabernet (2012)

A medium bodied blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Duras with vibrant purple tints. A full, supple and fruity wine with a rich finish. Great with game, red meat and cheese.

£18.50 (Glass 175ml £5, 250ml £6.50)

Domaine de Salvy – Cuvée Naîs (2009)

Oak aged in barrels for 12 months, this award winning Gaillac red is a delightful blend of Braucol, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Full bodied, fruity with robust flavours. Works well with white and red meat.


Château de Mayragues – Clos des Mages”(2010)

A prize-winning wine full of elegance and finesse with notes of plum, blackberry and blackcurrant – the blackcurrant lingering in the nose where it combines with the subtle hint of grilled peppers. Produced using biodynamic and organic techniques, the wine is fermented in oak casks in which the more robust 70% Braucol is softened by the addition 30% Cabernet Sauvignon. Fabulous with all red meat and strong cheeses..


(Winner of la Medaille D’Or Concours Amphoré 2012 des vins bio)

Château de Saurs – Réserve Eliézer (2010)

A fine richly coloured wine, with a bouquet of slightly spicy and ripe red fruits. Well structured on the palate with a good balance of flavours and delicate tannins. Matured in French oak barrels for 9 to 12 months. The blending is made after individually selecting each parcel of Merlot, Braucol, Syrah and Duras vines. Excellent with all red meats, game and cheese.



Château Lastour – Rose (2012)

A beautiful gently rose-tinted wine made from Braucol, Syrah and Duras grapes. Light, crisp and dry with notes of peach, canteloupe and white raspberry – lovely served as an aperitif, or with fish, white meats or spicy dishes.