Waffle & Dessert Menu

Fritz’s Waffle menu

Freshly baked Liege waffles – fluffy, yet chewy inside and with caramelised pearl sugar on the outside.  Naked or divinely topped single/double

Just Naked – Canadian maple syrup and a swirl of cream optional for modesty

£4.50  single / £7 double


Fully clothed waffle specials
The Montreux – with a dark chocolate and salted caramel sauce and vanilla cream

TM’s Banana Boat – Clotted cream ice cream with sliced bananas in a hot muscovado and spiced rum syrup with crunchy peanut butter and toasted nuts

The Freiburg – with mulled Black Forest Fruit & Kirsch Compote

£  6.50 single / £9.50 double

Melvin’s Triple Choc Brownie |  £7

Double baked brownie with dark, white and milk chocolate served with clotted cream ice cream or whipped vanilla cream

Tricolour Meringue |  £7

Sticky Meringue with green pistachio ice cream, red plum and apple compote and white chewy meringue with flaked almonds

The Club Affogato | £7

Dark chocolate salted caramel sauce topped with clotted cream ice cream with an espresso shot

Mini Cheese Board | £9

A slate with 3 taster size nibbles of our house cheeses (choose from AOC Roquefort, Smoked Mozzarella, Cave Aged Cheddar or DOP Manchego) with crackers and relish