Private Ciné Supper Club Menu

The mini ciné (with beanbags, sofas and a bar) can be booked for an evening from Sunday – Wednesday nights for a minimum of 18 people and a maximum of however many you’d like to squeeze in but the cine is pretty mini.  We are also occasionally available for a matinee. Choose your film and we’ll suggest a welcome drink and menu (from £30 a head) that fits the film theme.  Our licence means we don’t charge for the film, just for your drinks and food.  We have a database of over 11,000 films we can show.  What’s your film favourite?  Get in touch if you’d like to discuss.  


Bar & Cinema


Paris Ciné Supper Club

Optional Aperitif
French Martini

Mini Croque-Monsieur
Made with our gruyere cheese and farmers blonde béchamel with air
dried ham
Mini Croque-Mademoiselle (V)
As above but with wild mushrooms rather than Ham

Steak au poivre
Tender strip of local sirloin with
three pepper rub and sea salt
French onion tartlet (v)
Both with triple fried chips
& garlic roasted tomatoes

Our Favourite French Romantic comedy
A beautiful and multi-award winning film
starring Audrey Tatou

Interval Dessert
Poire Belle Héléne
Gaillac wine poached pears with
vanilla ice cream and our dark
chocolate salted caramel sauce