Kitchen Garden

Our little kitchen garden is finally feeling the love that initially Nicola,  Jo and Lance and now our Steve have been putting into it. The herbs are blooming…fresh mint for Lucy’s mojitos, tarragon for our fabulously rich entrecôte sauce, chives for for our Queenies Brunch and more. Kitchen garden at Hathersage Social Club 2It’s great to be able to pop out from the kitchen and grab a bunch of fresh herbs for any given dish. We really like a fresh herb and tomato salad that goes with some of our speciality Toulouse sausage hachés. Here’s a little selection  that Jo used this weekend. Note the Nasturtium leaves that give a good peppery taste (they are the National Gardening Association’s ‘edible‘ of the month)HSC Herbs We use so many fresh herbs each week though that we would ‘de-forest’ our little kitchen garden in a few weeks if we didn’t have the support of our local suppliers at the Herb Table.