Instagram…we love them!

With the help of some ‘young people’ who work at The Club, we have set TM up with his own Instagram account…dangerous we know!

It’s hard to capture every moment at the Club…some great occasions, meals, drinks, people (and their dogs!)…are sadly distant memories. We try to take a few pictures ourselves, Chris is snapping some lovely shots, but best of all we have discovered that actually you do it brilliantly.

Instagram is just great. Search for Hathersage Social Club in the app and through their website and some brilliant pictures crop up that you’ve been taking. Creative, arty, funny. They are wonderful.

Here are our Top 5 picture ratings on Instagram;

Top food pic

Top drink pic

Top people pic

Top dog pic

Top arty pic

Inspired by these efforts TM is starting to post to his Club Instagram site…although I’m not sure he’s quite doing justice to the lovely food and drink we are serving. Lots of self-portraits or random things found around the grounds!

TM self portrait

Dog leg tree!