HSC WLTM Passionate New Owners for Long Term Relationship and Fun Times !

Dear Friends of the Club

It was just over six years ago that we fell in love with Hood Brook Cottage and its attached business premises. It had a large garden by the brook and was in the centre of the village we loved.  We knew this would be the most amazing place to establish a restaurant, café and bar.  And, so it proved to be!  

Setting up Hathersage Social Club fulfilled a long held dream of ours to combine our passions for great food with creating a relaxed, fun dining experience.  It’s also given us the chance to work with the most inspiring suppliers and staff team.   Like any wholly new venture, it was a risk.  We were determined to establish the business that suited us – just Thursday to Sunday daytime only with an event-led evening programme . We wanted an ever changing evening menu and with guests coming for the whole night not just for a two hour table.

Guess what?  Thanks to you, our crazy plan worked.  Hathersage Social Club has grown, organically, just by word of mouth recommendations to be a place that’s regularly fully booked, with reserve lists for tables and great reviews.

The fact that it’s been such an enjoyable success has meant that what was originally a five-year plan has somehow crept into six years.  However, we’ve always been motivated by new challenges and we now feel it’s time to find our next challenge and get excited about a different adventure.

The hard work of transforming the site, creating such a lovely garden, installing a proper commercial kitchen and bar and, most importantly, such an amazingly loyal and engaged customer base is done. Hathersage Social Club now needs someone who has the passion, drive and vision to take the business into its next exciting new phase.  This might mean carrying on with some of the ethos of the club, it might mean operating under the same name or it could mean a wholly new vision, a new brand, a new launch and a completely different direction.

We’re looking at some new opportunities and some exciting plans which mean we’d  like to stand aside by the end of the year and let fabulous new owners take the reigns.  We have, therefore, priced the business not at its market valuation price but at a price that simply represents the value of the assets and goodwill.  We’re far more interested in finding someone who we believe has the drive and vision to make the business even better than the sum of its parts (or parties).  If you think that’s you, or it’s someone you know, then you can have a look at more of the details here (just put Restaurants in the Business Sector and Hathersage in the Location) you’d be very welcome to come and have a formal, or informal chat with us.

In the meantime, we and our amazing staff team are going to make this the Club’s best year ever.  We know how much we are going to miss all our Friends of the Club, the sunny days with a full garden, the cosy nights with the fire blazing, the hot Summer nights when guests dine al fresco.  We want to make the absolute most of the next six months.  There is a great Spring, Summer and Autumn programme lined up.  There will be all of the club favourites, and some things we’ve always wanted to do.  Our final year running Hathersage Social Club is going to be very special to us and, we hope, to you.  We would  love you to come and join us for a whole series of final hoorah’s and then a celebration of what’s coming next.

Exciting times.

Lucy & Simon