Feuerzangenbowle – The Recipe

You might have noticed by now how the Club menu and drinks selection are influenced by cuisines from all over the world, and our festive menu is no different. Simon’s delicious Basque roast turkey is nestled in jamónfrom northern Spain – a tribute to the couple’s extensive travels in this beautiful part of the world. Lucy’s German heritage has also influenced several elements of the Christmas menu, because let’s face it: those guys know a thing or two about food and drink.

Revellers at the Club during the festive season might choose to treat themselves to a real blaze of glory: our Feuerzangenbowle! This German tradition literally translates to fire tong punch, and it’s essentially a flaming cauldron of sugar-rum-sozzled mulled wine. Amazing!

This communal party drink involves searing hot flaming sugar, and as such should only be attempted by an experienced hand (not that we’re saying Lucy is experienced at quaffing mulled wine, you understand)– nobody wants to singe off their eyebrows in all the merriment. But here’s how to enjoy your very own Feuerzangenbowle at home, if you dare!

You will need:

  • 2 oranges
  • 1 lemon
  • 3 bottles of dry red wine
  • 15-20 cloves
  • 4 or 5 sticks of cinnamon, to taste
  • 1 bottle of rum with at least 50% alcohol (100% proof) – we use Ray & Nephew’s
  • 1 Zucker hut (sugar hat), or 250g of sugar cubes
  • sense of Gemütlichkeit

  Juice all the oranges and lemons, reserving the peels. Use the cloves to stud the skin of a juiced half orange, and add this to a large stainless steel or ceramic-clad pot. Add the juices and the two halves of lemon to the pot, then add the whole cinnamon sticks and finally pour in the wine. Gradually heat this mixture to a simmer, but don’t let it boil else you’ll lose that lovely booze.

When the wine is warmed through, place the pot on a table where you can easily serve it up (make sure your surface is protected first – yikes). Place a Feuerzange(sugar tray) across the pot and place your Zucker hut or sugar cubes on the tray. If you don’t have a speciality Feuerzange, swap this item out for a sturdy metal sieve with a handle that you’re OK with throwing away after.

Now it’s time for the fun bit! Drizzle a generous amount of over-proof rum over the sugar, making sure it’s totally drenched. Next, gather your guests and use a long-necked lighter or long match to set the sugar on fire. You’ll notice a bright blue flame. The flames will last for a while, and the goal here is to make sure all of the sugar is totally melted. To do this you’ll need to use a long-handled metal spoon or ladle to carefully spoon more flaming rum over the sugar (light it on fire in the ladle to keep it under control).

Once all the sugar has melted, breathe a sigh of relief!- and give the mulled wine mixture a gentle stir. Now, you’re ready to spoon into your guest’s waiting cups (we tend to use ceramic coffee cups as the liquid is quite hot). Now raise your glass and enjoy your hard work!