The Club FINAL Social

September 26, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
The Club FINAL Social

Can you believe it’s our last ever Club Social.  Well tonight you can just book a table and come and have a nibble or a feast.  I’s going to be a busy one.  TM has invited all of his friends!!!! Start with drinks on the terrace and eat outside if you wish. We’ll post the menu up in advance of the event right here but you just order whatever you fancy on the night (just like a normal restaurant, how strange and wonderful!).



Club Summer Classics

The Club Chicken Caesar Salad | £18.50

Our special spice rub free range chicken, smoked lardons, focaccia croutons, Romaine leaves, Parmesan shavings and creamy dressing. Add Simon’s special supply of Moroccan silverback anchovies (+ £2)

 Summer Vegetable Stack£15.50

Peppers, sweet potatoes, aubergine and courgettes with Herbes de Provence. Topped with our melted ‘chedzella’. Roasted pepper and smoked garlic sauce. Chimmichurri. Served with a side of triple fried chips.

Seafood Plate | £22.50

Spiced and griddled salmon with lime yoghurt, devon crab with dill mayo and king prawns with chimichurri. Mango salsa and triple fried chips


The Casablanca | £7.50

Cardamom and saffron poached pear with meringue and honey mascarpone

Waffles | £7

Freshly made Liege waffle with a choice of toppings

Brownie | £7

Our double baked, rich chocolate brownie served with local clotted cream ice cream or whipped vanilla cream

Mini Cheeseboard | £9

A selection of our house cheeses with crackers, sea salted butter and relish

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