Mexican Day of the Dead Gourmet Fiesta – Fully Booked

November 17, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 11:45 pm
Mexican Day of the Dead Gourmet Fiesta - Fully Booked

A gourmet Mexican Day of the Dead feast (not quite the right date but near enough!).  A wonderful night of fantastic flavours, marvellous margaritas and sumptuous spices.  Come costumed or not.  A perfect night to celebrate the life and living and, of course, the spirits too.

Big feasting platter main courses with lots of sharing plates for the table



Smoked and spiced nuts and chilli and orange infused olives


Sea bass and salmon ceviche

Sea bass and salmon cured in citrus with herb and lemon salt tortillas for scooping*

*Alternatively for those who would like a veggie choice we do a delicious classic guacamole with roasted tomatoes in fresh chilli and garlic with our pan fried tortillas for dipping


Mexican feasting platter for the table*

Roasted chicken mole – Free range chicken breast on the bone, roasted with red mole sauce using chilli, cinnamon, sesame seeds and almonds


Spicy rub 28 day dry-aged sirloin – Strips of seared steak, coated in our favourite mole negro marinade and served medium rare

Served with our authentic Mexican sides of

– Chiltomate (tomato and habanero salsa)

– Frijoles negros

– Spiced sweetcorn

– Patatas Bravas

*Whilst this is a meat speciality dish we also do a dish of baked peppers sweetcorn, chilli and cheese enchiladas with all the same sides and sauces for anyone preferring a vegetarian option


Sharing Plater of Desserts

Tres Leches cake
Tequila and lime sorbet
Chilli and dark chocolate pot


Menu Price £42.50

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