Emilio’s Napoli Supper – Fully Booked

November 30, 2018 @ 7:15 pm – 11:15 pm
Emilio's Napoli Supper - Fully Booked

Our new Sous Chef, Emilio Arciello, has devised a rather lovely Southern Italian four course supper.  The menu borrows from the Neapolitan tradition of using ingredients from one dish to form both the Pasta and Seconde courses. All you have to decide is if you’d like the meat menu or the vegetarian menu.  There are antipasti nibbles to start and a choice of puddings to finish.  Bellissimo!


Antipasti for Everyone

Cannelli bean bruschetta

Carne Menu

This two part cooking process involves a slow roasted joint of rolled beef cooked with braised and caramelised onions and Campania white wine.

Pasta course

The delicious rich juices are mixed with a penne pasta and covered with Italian flat leaf parsley and lots of aged Parmesan

Main course

Pan fried waxy potatoes with wilted spinach and the caramelised onions from the roasting. Topped with the slow cooked beef.


Verdura Menu

Using vine ripened Italian plum tomatoes, aubergines, fresh basil and chilli. Small slices used in a delicious sauce to create a baked pasta dish with chunky cuts used for the main course

Pasta course

Pasta al forno using rigatoni pasta melted mozzarella and the dishes key ingredients then over baked.

Main course

Parmigiana di Melenzane with layers of roasted aubergine and the intense tomato sauce topped with a bechamel with Parmesan and topped with roasted seeds


Frutta e Formaggio with Caciocavallo, fresh pecorino, roasted fruit and a warm apple and cinnamon bread


Neapolitan meringue, (green pistachio ice cream, white chewy meringue and red berry fruit compote)


Tiramisu brownie with honeyed mascarpone



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