Get Festive at The Club

We can’t quite believe it ourselves but ALL of our Christmas Festive Feasts and ‘Gros Souper’  evenings are now fully booked.  But before you despair, here’s our suggestions of how to still enjoy a Festive visit to the club.

1/ Come for a Festive Brunch – A Sloe gin fizz (or 3) with our classic Verde Brunch followed by a Strudel Waffle. Brunching is the new night out and can be followed by a siesta before you head out for an all night party!

2 /Come for a Festive Lunch – Throughout December we have a special Festive Lunch menu including the Ultimate Turkey Sandwich (a sandwich that truly deserves it’s superlative suffix).  Perfect for friends, families, work colleagues who are struggling to find an evening that you can all do for Festive night out.

3/ Join our ‘Get me a Table’ reserves list.  There are always some changes to booked tables. E-mail us with any dates you’re interested in, how many the table is for and a mobile number and we’ll give you a ring if a table becomes free to see if you’re still interested.