Creative collaboration at the Club: Joe W and Keyframe

We’re a multi-talented lot here at the Club, with most staff members having their fingers in lots of different pies (purely metaphorical, not in the kitchen – don’t worry). Our very own Hathersage lads, Milo and Joe, have recently collaborated on some weird and wonderful artwork for Milo’s band, Keyframe. We couldn’t be prouder!

Keyframe are named after ‘a seemingly innocuous event that leads to a new era of your life’, and forming the band in sixth form certainly seems to have directed Milo’s path in an exciting new direction. Milo and his bandmates Pablo, Patch and Rach met in 2017 at King Edward’s in Sheffieldand went on to form their energetic alt-rock four piece, developing their sound as they matured and undertook formative events like A-level exams and university entrance triumphs.

Keyframe’s new single, Hesitation, follows the trials of a lad using unhealthy coping mechanisms to feel something, indulging in drink and drugs and falling into the arms of unsavoury characters. It’s a follow-up to 2018’s Odd Socks, the result of several years of gigging all over the country and supporting big names like London art-rockers Husky Loops. Milo says the band were going for a more mature, polished sound with their latest offering, which you can hear for yourself over on Soundcloud

What better way to complete the presentation of your latest single than to source some cool, understated artwork? In the heat and clatter of the Club kitchen, Joe and Milo started bouncing some ideas around and agreed that Joe’s design vision could really accentuate the journey undertaken by Hesitation’s troubled protagonist.

Joe is passionate about all types of design, be it fine art, architecture or graphics. He’s an accomplished self-taught graphic designer, getting stuck in to a variety of projects and briefs as he plans his next career steps. Towards the end of 2018 he and some friends launched District Lifestyle, a UK-manufactured, Peaks-inspired men’s clothing range. His recent multimedia design baby, Skai, is a captivating fine art project that aims to create a sense of mindfulness both on the wall and on social media, all whilst raising cash for mental health charities.

Variety is the spice of life, after all, and Joe was keen to branch out into album artwork in collaboration with Milo. The end result is abstract, low-key and a little bit cheeky, representing the confusion and distracted mental state of someone on a self-destructive binge. ‘I’ve always been drawn to weird song artwork,’ says Joe. This is certainly true, as anyone who’s seen our boy’s offbeat cameo in the video for Never See The Signs by Sheffield rockers Drenge. Is there anything these Club lads can’t turn their hands to?!

We wish Milo and the Keyframe lads all the future success as they prepare to release another single, Steve’s Thunder, next month. They gig regularly all over Sheffield and beyond, so make sure to catch them when you can!

Joe’s design career looks set to develop at quite a clip, and we’re excited to see what he does next – make sure to show support by keeping up with his various projects on social media. Perhaps this design partnership with Keyframe will turn out to be a keyframe moment for his own life path too!