Club On Tour – la pause pour l’inspiration # 2

Last year, you may remember, we had our first proper inspiration break.  A chance for all staff to re-charge and an opportunity to go and indulge the passion the first led us to establishing the club, our love of great food experiences. And it was fantastic, we came back with renewed zeal, a lust for the full on Festive onslaught, we missed you, you missed us, we all got to explore new places to eat near and far. Viva La Pause!

Well, the plan was always to have two shut downs each year, the first in October and the second in the middle of February (17th) to early March (14th). A final Winter hibernation, a chance to get the lovely club garden back in tip top shape for your al fresco basking pleasure and some full food and culture indulgence before we re-open for our lovely programme of sun drenched Spring and Summer action. See the Spring Events Calendar right here.

We will of course miss you (especially you) and we hope that the feeling is mutual. Check out some of our staff recommendations for alternative places to dine whilst we’re closed right here.

The staff will be hanging out in Helsinki, skiing in Scandinavia,  partying in Paris, bockwürsting in Berlin and wave watching in Whitby.  We’ll have loads to tell you about when we get back, including a reveal of plans for ‘Club on Sea’!  Our lips are firmly sealed for now.

We’ll be back on Thursday 14thMarch at 10am – see you then

All at the Club