Clotted cream ice cream

We love the story and provenance of Hope Valley Ice Cream. Add to that the close proximity to us…a brisk walk up Coggers Lane…and it’s run by Bob and Helen who we like very much…and we really should have stocked their ice cream long ago. But we are a demanding establishment and whilst they produce a fabulous range of ice cream we only wanted one sort and that needed to be spot on…a rich, creamy, white clotted cream ice cream. We really pleased to say that after much taste testing in the kitchen, front of house and with a slightly bemused group of guests who happened to be lunching the previous week that it’s certainly got our full seal of approval and we will be liberally scooping it onto our waffles, doubled baked brownies and poached pear sundaes.

It’s well worth looking at their website at Hope Valley Ice cream and reading more about the 300 year history of farming in the family.

Hope Valley icecreamIt’s also worth a visit to the farm itself and meeting the cows and trying more of their ice cream

Molly Marsden!