StrEAT at the Club – Simon’s Greek street food menu

We’ve recently launched our exciting fortnightly StrEAT nights, serving up summertime street food loveliness in our gorgeous garden. Every two weeks, we’ll be treating you to a choice of Zanzibari and Greek offerings in the Club’s unique style. Find out more about our Greek strEAT and Simon’s menu.

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The Ageing Gaijin – Tastes from Japan # 1

David is an old friend of the Club and been with us since Day 1. He lives in London with his Japanese wife Kasumi. They recently retired and have moved to Tokyo. Over the next few months, he has agreed to keep us informed of interesting taste experiences they encounter while in Japan.

The Ageing Gaijin – Tastes from Japan # 2

Our friends and top Club supporters, David and his Japanese wife Kasumi, recently retired and moved to Tokyo. This is part 2 in the Ageing Gaijin blog series where they share the taste experiences they encounter while in Japan. This one is all about a very different Christmas lunch.

Spring has sprung at the Club!

Oooh yeah, Spring has sprung and that means; Cumbertinis and Fat Tuesdays, a brand new waffle on the menu, a great programme of evening events and tables in the garden. Click on the fabulous Spring shoes above to find out more.

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Club On Tour – la pause pour l’inspiration # 2

The Club is taking its biannual break. Our final day is Sunday 17th February and we re-open on Thursday March 14th with a splendid Spring Programme. Click on the bottle above to find out more.

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Reservoir 13

We thought you might like our reading recommendation.  Jon McGregor’s latest, award winning book, Reservoir 13, is set in a fictional Derbyshire village near a reservoir with a limestone crag from which you can see a cement works. Is this sounding like anywhere you’re familiar with?

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Feuerzangenbowle – The Recipe

Revellers at the Club during the festive season can choose to treat themselves to a real blaze of glory: our Feuerzangenbowle! This German tradition literally translates to fire tong punch, and it’s essentially a flaming cauldron of sugar-rum-sozzled mulled wine. Amazing! Find out how to make this yourself at home right here.

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Dia de los Meurtos

Here at the Club we enjoy the good things in life, and of course life itself. But what if here on the earthly plane we’re only enjoying half the fun? It’s an uplifting thought that perhaps once we shuffle off this mortal coil, we’ll still be around somehow to keep an eye on our loved ones and receive the same love and admiration we did when we were alive and kicking – and in many countries, this belief has been held as gospel for generations.

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Talented in the kitchen?

Fancy joining the club for the Summer Season? We’re getting the garden ship shape and sprucing up the outdoor furniture. This means more covers for our little kitchen to cater for. So we need some seasonal (April or May to September) extra kitchen staff.

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Springing into Action

Yippee, We re-open on 8th March just in time for Mothering Sunday, early Easter and …stay tuned to find out more about our Club Al Fresco plans for Summer 2018!

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