The Ageing Gaijin – Tastes from Japan # 1

David is an old friend of the Club and been with us since Day 1. He lives in London with his Japanese wife Kasumi. They recently retired and have moved to Tokyo. Over the next few months, he has agreed to keep us informed of interesting taste experiences they encounter while in Japan.

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Meet our suppliers: Jack Norris, Highcliffe Hebrideans

This is Jack Norris with his Highcliffe Hebrideans, ideally suited for the Peak District climate and reared naturally on pasture. We’re making the most of his lamb as part of our summertime StrEAT evenings, al fresco street food events where we’ll be serving up the best Greek and Zanzibar street food in, hopefully, a sun-soaked setting.

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Reservoir 13

We thought you might like our reading recommendation.  Jon McGregor’s latest, award winning book, Reservoir 13, is set in a fictional Derbyshire village near a reservoir with a limestone crag from which you can see a cement works. Is this sounding like anywhere you’re familiar with?

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Pet Friendly

Dog (or other animals prepared to dress as dogs) essentials… beard, eyebrows, good natured… pipe smoking optional….owners not required. Official Club dog, Winston. All good Gaillac vineyards have a great […]

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People make the Club

One of the magical things about running Hathersage Social Club are the people we come across. From our fabulous window cleaning lads (featured), to you the guests. From our lovely but […]

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Where we love to eat and drink in Sheffield?

It’s a very personal thing. One man’s gourmet feast is another’s idea of culinary hell. So take our recommendations as you find them….with a generous pinch of Halen Môn smoked […]

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Tour de Yorkshire…with a waffle!

It’s the weekend of the Yorkshire Tour, so it’s been great to see some lovely lycra clad guests calling by the  Club. The Seven Hills CC re-energised themselves with double waffles […]

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Be nice to a woman with an Axe!

The kitchen needs spoons for all ocassions, so we are very lucky to have family connections to JoJo Wood and her fabulous spoon making talents (see more at JoJo’s website). […]

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Bye, bye barmen!

Callum, Jake and Nick (from left to right) are off to travel the world and sadly must sheath their corkscrews and hang up their aprons as they are leaving the […]

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Our man in Shillong

We hate saying goodbye to our fantastic staff so it’s lovely when they send us news of their adventures.  This week we’ve had an update from Nick ‘with the hat’ […]