Bread of Heaven

Even something as simple as toast can be very special, whether eaten on its own, with a little jam, or topped with some ripe avocado and slow roasted tomatoes. I […]

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Dave in the Club

Dave’s Insanity Sauce is not for beginners on the spicy food front. It’s a serious chilli experience. Those of a faint heart and sensitive digestive system should stay well clear. […]

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Mike’s Smoked Garlic

Take one magic pizza oven, fill with hardwood and light. As soon as it’s going well add two blocks of peat (rescued from the clutches of a western isles distillery). […]

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A great butcher next door

Often on a Thursday morning you’ll see me coming out of the Club and heading for the butchers shop clutching a bottle of wine. It’s not what it seems, honest! […]

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Magical Rhubarb

Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb is rather marvelous and magical stuff that will feature in our 5th Arosteria this Thursday.

Grown in a 9-square-mile triangle in West Yorkshire in

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