HSC Loves Darkwoods Coffee

In July, some of the Hathersage Social Club team were lucky enough to head over to Slaithwaite (apparently pronounced Slah-wit, but we remain dubious!), deep in the gorgeous Yorkshire countryside near Huddersfield. Here Chris, Alfie, Sky and myself (I’m Kerry) were treated to some hands-on coffee training with our fantastic suppliers, Darkwoods coffee.

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Meet our suppliers: Jack Norris, Highcliffe Hebrideans

This is Jack Norris with his Highcliffe Hebrideans, ideally suited for the Peak District climate and reared naturally on pasture. We’re making the most of his lamb as part of our summertime StrEAT evenings, al fresco street food events where we’ll be serving up the best Greek and Zanzibar street food in, hopefully, a sun-soaked setting.

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The best meat is meat you know

At the Hathersage Social Club, we think the provenance of the meat we use in our restaurant is really important. So much so that we go to the farm or […]

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Kitchen Garden

Our little kitchen garden is finally feeling the love that initially Nicola,  Jo and Lance and now our Steve have been putting into it. The herbs are blooming…fresh mint for […]

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Feasting, Fires and spanking Pomegranates

It was actually Diala’s father, Mohammed, I met first. He’d come to the club for lunch with Carmen, his wife, and, having chatted about Middle Eastern menus, I came away […]

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Clotted cream ice cream

We love the story and provenance of Hope Valley Ice Cream. Add to that the close proximity to us…a brisk walk up Coggers Lane…and it’s run by Bob and Helen […]

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Robin Hood’s Bay, catching lobster

We love our Robin Hood’s Bay lobster and it’s always a pleasure to head up to the East coast of Yorkshire to see Andy and the boys…usually in our favourite […]

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An Oyster love affair

Cassanova, it’s claimed, breakfasted on 50 of them, the Romans saw them as the UK’s most valued natural assets and they are one of the most nutrionally well balanced foods. […]

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Bread of Heaven

Even something as simple as toast can be very special, whether eaten on its own, with a little jam, or topped with some ripe avocado and slow roasted tomatoes. I […]

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Dave in the Club

Dave’s Insanity Sauce is not for beginners on the spicy food front. It’s a serious chilli experience. Those of a faint heart and sensitive digestive system should stay well clear. […]

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