Reservoir 13

We thought you might like our reading recommendation.  Jon McGregor’s latest, award winning book, Reservoir 13, is set in a fictional Derbyshire village near a reservoir with a limestone crag from which you can see a cement works. Is this sounding like anywhere you’re familiar with?

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Club On Tour – la pause pour l’inspiration

We are having an inspiration pause in October and early November. We’re recharging the batteries and indulging our passion for food experiences that might influence our future menus. How selfless is that. Click on the photo to find out more.

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Instagram…we love them!

With the help of some ‘young people’ who work at The Club, we have set TM up with his own Instagram account…dangerous we know! It’s hard to capture every moment at […]

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Chip Jenga!

The danger in asking our resident photographer come barista…Chris…to capture a day in the life of the Social Club is that amongst some lovely pictures of food preparation, cocktail shaking, […]

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Woodfired Pizza @ The Club

Every Wednesday evening Sunshine Pizza will be rocking up in the club garden with their fantastic wood fired pizza oven for our Woodfired @ The Club Night.  They start cooking […]

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David Mellor meets Laguiole

‘Well-designed equipment can improve your life’…what a great principle that Corin and his team at the David Mellor company in Hathersage base their cutlery design on. We’re very pleased to […]

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Where to dine outside in Hathersage?

Spring is here and the British battle with the weather commences, as we try to find fleeting moments to enjoy the great outdoors and perhaps the odd moment of al fresco […]

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Year of the Monkey

2016 is the Chinese Year of the Monkey, so our own naughty monkey (Mr TM) is helping us prepare for a year of celebration and fun.  The snow monkey pictured above […]

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Open planned kitchen

When we knocked the wall down that divided the kitchen space from the the dinning area it was about trying to make a connection between the smells, the pagentry and […]

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Hathersage Pool

Hathersage open air pool

The Hathersage Social Club is just a few hundred yards from the village’s wonderful open air Swimming Pool.

CLICK here to see opening times for Hathersage Swimming Pool.

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