Friends of the Club

Are you friendly?

Friends are individuals who you know, like and trust. They understand you and support you and, for all of these reasons, they are people you like to spend time with. Since starting the club, we’ve realised that there are people who’ve returned again and again, they genuinely appreciate the effort that goes into creating a really enjoyable evening with great food and they don’t cancel or change bookings without really good reason. We love it when they book, we know they act as great ambassadors for what we’re doing here and it’s great to spend time with them when they come along. We see these people as ‘Friends of the Club’ and we’d like them to feel appreciated. To say thank you we’re creating a special Friends of the Club online booking system, special offers and a few, very special Friends of the Club only events.

Friends of the Club



FOC Criteria

No. 1 – You will have booked for at least a couple of our evening events

No. 2 – When you make a booking you’ll do everything you can to be there

No. 3 – You act as a great ambassador for the club

No. 4 – The monkey likes you and you know what that means…

You can’t ask to be a Friend of the Club, we’ll invite you. However, it’s going to take us quite a bit of time to get all of our invites out to those who already meet the criteria and we’ll be inviting new people all the time.  So, if you’re tired of waiting and you know you’re already a Friend of the Club and meet our criteria drop us a line and give us a little nudge –