Bill Gordon’s Parting Gift

You might have noticed a new addition to our patio recently – a spectacular sculpture by local artist Bill Gordon. This fantastic piece of work was donated by Bill to raise money for the Heart for Hathersage development project.

Bill studied fine art, including three years’ MA at the Royal College of Art, and has lived under Stanage Edge as estate ranger for the North Lees estate for over 35 years, becoming a well known face in the village. He has recently been awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) for his services to conservation, particularly his protection of the ring ouzel, a rare species of bird found around here. Contented with a job well done, he’ll soon be leaving the village to continue sculpting and creating in Cornwall, closer to his southern roots.

We decided with Bill that the sculpture is called ‘HATH1’ – after a map of the Hathersage area Bill came across in Sheffield record office. He doesn’t usually name his pieces, regarding them as organic constructions where the material used dictates the direction the form takes. Constructed from local Stanage stone, HATH1’s theme remains a mystery for the beholder to guess at. Bill has included feminine and masculine imagery, as well as Christian symbols and more ancient, ritualistic emblems. His work overall draws from our area’s unique natural beauty, and fascinating evidence of ancient communities living and sharing culture in the seclusion and serenity that Stanage affords.

Anyone can buy tickets (for £1 each) to have a chance of winning the sculpture for themselves and each £1 raised is being matched by a very generous local benefactor, Sir Hugh Sykes.  This mean everyone who participates has a chance to own a piece of art that encapsulates the beauty and history of the Peak District.

Call by the Club to check out the sculpture and to buy your tickets, if you haven’t already. We’re really pleased and honoured to provide its temporary home before the draw in 2018, and for a really great cause, too! Thanks, Bill, for everything! Cheers!

(Kerry Griffiths interviewed Bill and wrote this article for our site – thanks Kerry)