“Beer is proof that God loves us”

You can’t argue with Benjamin Franklin’s rationale of divine intervention in order to make us all happy and we do like our beer at the Club! So to have the opportunity to team up with those innovate people at Intrepid Brewing to create a Beer Menu is our kind of heaven.

We try to work with the very best local suppliers for all our produce and beer is no exception. A Farmers Blonde from the nearby Bradfield Brewery is our ‘must have’ tipple at the end of a long, hot stint in the kitchen. So to find that the Intrepid Brewing Co has sprung up just 7 minutes drive down the road from us along the Hope Valley is fabulous news…although they have in fact been open a few years now but news travels slowly in these parts!

They produce regular core ales….a blonde, a brown, a dark and an IPA, along with a range of limited edition brews such as American red and Belgian Saison as well as some one off specials such as Cornucopia. Whilst doing one of our big kitchen clean downs, our very talented Commis Chef (Ollie) and I had the pleasurable task of trying a whole range of these lovely beers. After every half an hour of scrubbing and mopping we treated ourselves to cracking open another bottle and writing our own little tasting notes. Not perhaps the most conventional way to undertake some serious beer tasting, but we enjoyed it.

Our special Beer Menu shows how their beer can be both put to good use in some intriguing dishes, but also paired with each course like a fine wine. In the meantime you can drink an Intrepid beer at some of our favourite pubs in Sheffield…The Fat Cat or The Broadfield…but also more locally at The Anglers Rest and The Norfolk Arms.