A Ginspired Winter Tipple

As the naughty and nautical will know once the sun is over the yardarm it is acceptable to have your first libation of the day. As the precise time is dictated by the direction we’re sailing, our latitude and the height of our sails (and this is always hard to calculate this far from the sea) we have decreed that it’s always over the yardarm by 11:00 am.SONY DSC

Hathersage Social Club’s daytime menu includes all sorts of suggested libations including our fabulous HSC Bloody Mary with all sorts of kicks from the old shot box (picture). However, we’re in the depths of winter, we can’t see the sun at all and I’m going to recommend something ginspired (with my favourite naughty Hendricks Gin) but with a kick that will warm your cockles.

HSC Yardarm Foghorn

Marmalade (one tsp)

Hendricks Gin (40ml)

Cointreau (10ml)

Generous squeeze of lemon

A few slices of fresh ginger

A little sugar syrup to taste (can be omitted by the sharp and bitter fiends)

Gaillac Méthod Ancestral (that’s our specially lovely bubbly but you can use any bubbles or even just tonic water)

Combine all ingredients (apart from the fizz) in your cocktail shaker and shake hard over ice. Strain into martini glass, top with the bubbly and garnish with Orange zest. You can also make this long, just add more fizzy or you can lose the fresh ginger and top up with a spicy ginger beer instead.

Enjoy whilst sounding your foghorn!