Times they are a changin’

This Autumn and Winter we’re changing our opening hours (to 10:00 to 4:00pm) we’ve got a rather delicious new seasonal menu and we’re introducing a new approach for those who fancy a luxurious, longer lunch.  So whilst you can still come for our fantastic brunch (and there will be some all day brunch items), we’re going to offer a fabulous lunch option from 12 – 3 (or 3.30 on Sundays) for those who’d like two or even three decadent courses.  Full brunch will be available from 10 – 12 Thursday to Sunday and lighter brunches, bites, platters, waffles and desserts will be served all day. Some come gather round people wherever your roam..for the times they are a changin’

In case you need any more encouragement here’s some photos of our Autumn menu prep



The ingredients for the casablanca merger sausages (local lamb, harissa and herbs)

Carpaccio Carpaccio of local beef with aged Parmesan and beetroot horseradish