Simon’s listening to….Club des Belugas

Throw away all presumptions about how you might expect a band formed in the industrial Ruhr area of Germany might sound…no umpah pah here! For this is Club des Belugas where such great sounding performers as Kitty the Bill and Maxim Illion create a sound that one reviewer described as “where jazz, soul, funk, lounge, big band, bossa and even Fred Astaire meet together in creative unity”.

We turn the base and your speakers up as loud as possible and listen to ‘The Beat is Rythym’ from the album Forward, chill out in one of the huge bean bags on the terrace to ‘Early Daiquiris’ from the album Caviar at 3am and tap our feet in the kitchen to their version of ‘It don’t mean a thing’ from the album SWOP.

Credit must go to our lovely front of house member of staff, Freddie, for introducing us to Club des Belugas…she claims many of her student house parties down in Cambridge have this as the backing track to the night!

Listening to Club des Belugas at the Hathersage Social Club