The Beer Menu with Intrepid Brewery

January 21, 2016 @ 7:15 pm – 11:15 pm
The Beer Menu with Intrepid Brewery

A match made in heaven! Locally brewed beer paired with a seasonal Winter menu of lovely food. This is the first of a series of events with local breweries and craft ale producers.  For this event Ben from Intrepid Brewery  and Simon have matched a selection of beer that is both used in the cooking of the food and as a great drinking accompaniment. There will be a chance to hear more about the beer and, in addition, to sampling it on the night you can also buy some to take away.

This is a 4 course tasting menu, but in a really relaxed mode, with plenty of gaps between courses for chatting, sampling and standing by the fire with a glass in hand. Don’t worry if there’s a round of food that’s not quite your thing, we’ll have some delicious nibbles (without beer!) from our daytime menu on hand.

The Intrepid Beer Menu

Round 1 taster
Trade Mark IPA Rarebit
– Cave aged cheddar with Trade Mark IPA on toasted sourdough with smokey three bean stew
– Recommended with St Bernard…made with Belgian malts, with oak chips added to the beer to infuse a gentle smokey flavour (ABV 4.4)

Round 2 starter
Traveller Cured Sea Bass
– Fillets cured in Traveller IPA and served with horseradish coleslaw and cinnamon fried apple
– Recommended with Traveller itself which is an American IPA blonde beer with lots of citrus and new world hop flavour…a little sweetness to finish (ABV 5.4)

Round 3 main
St Bernard Beef Carbonnade
– Slow cooked stew with local beef, smoked lardons and an intense sauce using St Bernard
– Recommended with Porter. A dry porter…some can be quite sweet…made using roast malt that imparts a coffee and chocolate flavour. (ABV 4.8)

Round 4 dessert
Porter, honey and oat sticky tart
– A sweet, rich and sticky tart filling with mascarpone cream and made with the dark porter
– Recommended with Cornucopia. Wheat Pilsner malt, very dry which has been infused with strawberry and rhubarb (ABV 4.5)

Four Rounds of Food & Paired Beer


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