French Spring Gourmet

May 13, 2017 @ 7:30 pm – 11:45 pm
French Spring Gourmet

Ooh, la, la, a lovely French Spring Gourmet event.  Don’t eat all day and wear loose fitting clothes for this rather lovely feast.



Mini Asparagus and Roquefort Tart

A bite of butter pastry filled with caramelised onion, asparagus and crumbled Roquefort cheese.



Wild mushroom and Gaillac doux soup

Intense flavours of smoked garlic, wild mushrooms, parsley and pink peppercorns with a splash of Gaillac doux wine and creme fraiche


Duck and Pear Salad

Slow roasted duck, shredded and drizzled with its white wine and juniper reduction, with herb salad and poached pear


Palate Cleanser

Coupe le Colonel

Mains from the Grill

Le Gril Du Club

Dry aged faux filet steak, pork escalopes marinaded in thyme and smoked garlic and our speciality Toulouse sausages. Served with dauphinoise potatoes, tomato and onion confit and herb salad


Tuna Niçoise

Ripe vine tomatoes, French beans, Charlotte potatoes, black olives and a french vinaigrette topped with a thick seared tuna steak and griddled tiger prawns. Served with a side order of triple fried frites


Mediterranean vegetable platter

Griddled peppers with a sweet and spicy herb farci, roasted aubergines and courgettes with our favourite Salsa verde and chanterelles filo parcels. Served with a creamy slice of dauphinoise potatoes 


Our naughty cheeseboard brought to the table for tastes of some of the finest French cheeses



 Parisian Waffle

Our own freshly cooked Liege Waffle with rosé soaked raspberries, Chantilly cream and toasted almonds


Pot au Chocolate

An intense dark chocolate cream dessert with a small hint of aged Armagnac



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