The Ageing Gaijin – Tastes from Japan # 3

This is the third Chapter from our Ageing Gaijin in Japan. Here David shares the New Years Day tradition of o-sechi, a feast for the eyes and the palate. The most luxurious lunchbox ever.

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Bali Bowls: an Indonesian foodie journey

Hooray, we’re back – bronzed, rejuvenated and significantly heavier! A six week break for the Club staff was the perfect opportunity to do some foodie research all over the world. I’m Kerry, and I made the most of our luxurious break by heading across the globe to Bali. Here are my top five picks of Indonesian foodie heaven.

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Bilbao : A Foodie Guide

Kerry, our social media Goddess, shares her culinary tour tips for Bilbao. A blog to whet the appetite for a mini break or for our Basque Weekend at the club.

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Alfresco Dining: a celebration

There’s nothing more lovely than to sit outside and enjoy fresh food and cold drinks with friends in the summertime. Here we take a peek at the surprisingly humble roots of alfresco dining, and share the UK’s best and most unusual spots.

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The Ageing Gaijin – Tastes from Japan # 1

David is an old friend of the Club and been with us since Day 1. He lives in London with his Japanese wife Kasumi. They recently retired and have moved to Tokyo. Over the next few months, he has agreed to keep us informed of interesting taste experiences they encounter while in Japan.

The Ageing Gaijin – Tastes from Japan # 2

Our friends and top Club supporters, David and his Japanese wife Kasumi, recently retired and moved to Tokyo. This is part 2 in the Ageing Gaijin blog series where they share the taste experiences they encounter while in Japan. This one is all about a very different Christmas lunch.

Our man in Shillong

We hate saying goodbye to our fantastic staff so it’s lovely when they send us news of their adventures.  This week we’ve had an update from Nick ‘with the hat’ […]

A Club Travel posting…. Pinchos, tapas and raciones in rural Spain

Whether in a bar of one of the tiny villages that are dotted around the National Park (lamb cooked in an open wood-burning stove or delicious beef cheeks) or in the more sophisticated eateries of the cities (roast suckling pig or salt-encrusted cod), a delicious culinary experience awaits.

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