Bye, bye barmen!

Callum, Jake and Nick (from left to right) are off to travel the world and sadly must sheath their corkscrews and hang up their aprons as they are leaving the Hathersage Social Club this week. We get loads of lovely feedback from our guests on just how good they are behind the bar.  In fact we think they all have the essential bartenders skills identified by Sean Kenyon (Co-Owner of the amazing Williams and Graham bar in Denver) in this brilliant article

 “A great bartender must be a genuinely gregarious and hospitable person, not someone who pretends to have these traits for the sake of our guests. He or she must have an ability to operate with a sense of urgency while not looking hurried or stressed. Taking care of guests in a timely and efficient manner is key to a bartender’s success, but a great bartender can go 100 miles per hour and look like they are cruising the countryside at 25. Mise en place is important to creating this sense of ease and allows for fluidity of movement. Bartenders anticipate guests’ needs, assist with their drink choices, fill water glasses and know how and when to present menus. Lastly, they need confidence, not conceit or cockiness, but the confidence in knowing all there is to know about what they are serving and the steps of service.” 

Jake and Callum head off to South America and Nick to medical school, via setting up a bar in India,…how cool is that! We’ve asked them to keep in touch and we’ll post up through our Facebook site their tales and adventures. Fortunately they have been passing on some of their skills and knowledge to two of our new bar staff, so say hello to the Marcus and Josie…they will be only too pleased to make you some great drinks and have a chat by the bar!

Just one last thing….Everyone mucks in on the washing up when the dedicated and highly skilled wash up crew aren’t in the house and Jake and the washing up were a sight to behold. It wasn’t that he was too posh to wash but it had to be done ‘just so’ and woe betide anyone who bucked Jake’s systems!

Jake with his washing up hands